The River Partnership Legal team provides executive search and bespoke market & competitor research, talent maps and white papers to key clients with ‘at home’ and global profiles including financial institutions, insurance companies, consulting firms, law firms and regulators.

Due to the current  financial and political challenges and the longer term knock on organisational trends, the importance of in house legal teams has magnified. Increasing importance is now placed by senior corporate executives on the general counsel’s role as a ‘joint risk manager’, with legal rapidly moving to the forefront of financial and business planning, rather than simply being the go-to department in times of crisis.

The General Counsel and their team is a highly visible and dynamic area for our clients. An integral part of decision making, the function provides legal and compliance support to front office and shared services, ensuring employees have the tools and know-how to comply with internal policies and external rules and regulations.

Important and broad skills are required to protect business interests, enable profit and growth, pre-empt risk, execute business strategies, manage legal and regulatory risks, issue and develop policies, and conduct training, monitoring and surveillance activities. Our team sources talent who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, within an ever changing regulatory landscape.

River Partnership has networks with legal professionals from the very top of the largest global universal banks through to leading investment banks, retail and private banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, investment management organisations, hedge funds, regulatory authorities, law firms and across industry.

Our clients rely on us to source talent who can understand the myriad regulatory, financial and political issues currently facing them.

Our delivery is underpinned by in-depth knowledge, market intelligence, fresh research, a proven methodology and an established international network of high calibre legal professionals.