The River Partnership’s mission is to aid leading firms and corporations to significantly improve performance through attracting, retaining and developing the most talented people.

We are an executive search firm specialising in the advice and placement of executive decision makers across the energy markets, utilities, the professional services/advisory sector and the burgeoning renewables sector. The team has significant experience in working high-profile mandates from one-below-public board, through heads of department and function, to specialists or subject matter experts. Our people are industry authorities who are, to a person, passionate about delivering excellence and enjoying their work. In short we help you build a winning team.

The Tao of Head Hunting

The River Partnership Way

River Partnership excels through a combination of rigorous, fresh research, robust business process, proven method and the direct involvement of highly experienced teams and networks. We aim to exceed client expectations and are motivated by success and proving we lead the market.

1. The Brief

briefA well-defined brief and the ability to communicate it is critical to success in any project. The role and person or team specification is created in close conjunction with the client and the aims of the search set out in detail. The River Partnership team ask in-depth questions about the aims and dreams to build a complex picture of the ideal person or team.  Lines of communication for the duration of the project and beyond are established.

2. Fresh Research

Fresh research is the cornerstone of the River Partnership method. On every project, it is our aim to identify all the potential talent across the entire target market – turning over every pebble on the beach, if you will. The team aims to produce, and keep updated, detailed maps of competitors and track high performers in particular.

The naturally well-developed personal networks of our consultants specialising in your sector typically translate into rapid results and the ability to swiftly separate the wheat from the chaff in any field of candidates.  The firm benefits from an expensive bespoke database made up of purely head-hunted candidates.

3. Head Hunt

One secret to seeking out top talent is our use of "triangulation" methods - based on discreet and confidential informal references from former colleagues, peers, employees and line managers.

We believe sending candidates based solely on their CV is a waste of your valuable time so we aim to introduce only those who also match-up in interview.

Screening is carried out face-to-face wherever possible using situational, competency, and behavioural-based techniques as appropriate.  Psychometric tests such as Hogan can also be employed to better understand likely workplace behaviours.

4. Execution: Assessment and Presentation

Supplying referenced and well-prepared candidates is very important to us - as is doing everything we can to help you pick the right man or woman for the job.  We can train staff in situational and competence-based interview techniques to make sure you can make the best possible choice.

A detailed debrief and process management service is also central to what we offer.

5. Reporting

Frequent, transparent reports containing market insight, quantitative and qualitative information to inform your hiring and retention.

6. Offer

River Partnership staff are experts in brokering and managing the presentation of offers to selected candidates - and dealing with the counter-offers and buy-back bids which are inevitable in today's highly-competitive market conditions.

We know too that the resignation process can be a fraught one and offer comprehensive support to make it as smooth as possible.

7. Hire

While ensuring a successful contract signing is a key part of our service, we recognise it is by no means the end of the process and are proud of our record in providing on-going support.  In River Partnership you have a partner which sees out the task to the end.

We offer mentoring for hired candidates in their new role and detailed appraisal of their performance for up to three months.  Practical help to ease the translation can include assistance with relocation issues such as obtaining visas, flights, accommodation and shipping personal effects.

Building a long-term bespoke relationship is important to us so we seek to liaise closely with individual clients to learn everything we can from how each individual recruitment process operates and apply any lessons to subsequent commissions.